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Amy Michelle Wiley grew up with a love for words and people that matured into a fascination with languages and cultures. Those passions led to her careers as a freelance writer and editor and a professional sign language interpreter. For more information, or to hire her services, please click on the appropriate link in the sidebar. Check out her FaceBook author page here.


About Amy

I was born in the Pacific Northwest and still live here, surrounded by green of every imaginable shade--the color of life itself. The royal blue foothills shadow me with quiet strength, sprinkled at the very tips with the pure white of snow, resting at the feet of the solitary mountains that rise here and there to touch clouds high above. Everything is kissed with the steady sprinkle of rain, the liquid sunshine that brings life and growth.

It was here I grew, and just as the world around me was gifted with life and beauty from the Creator, so He gifted me with a vivid imagination that soars as high as the birds I love to watch above me. My life has been one of confidence in the knowledge of belonging to God, and in belonging to a strong family filled with love.

My parents nurtured my creativity, though sometimes groaning when a simple chore turned into a great production when mixed so with fantasy! My two older sisters joined me in the creation of worlds, and even now as adults we discuss ideas of fiction and made-up languages.

Of course my life is not perfect, and my family has born perhaps more than its share of illness. I've struggled with health problems most of my young adult life and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the summer of 2008. But even these trials join with my imagination, strengthens it, and makes it something real, able to touch others with a deep understanding.

So it is that I have always been a writer, since even before I could hold a pen, when Mom would transcribe for me. Yet for most of my life my imaginings only sporadically found their way to paper, staying mostly inside my head as constant companions. Then I found FaithWriters.com. At last, through the nurture, guiding, and contacts found there, my stories poured onto the page and many of my short stories, and even a few poems, were published in various anthologies, magazines, and e-zines.

I have become known as a writer who is able to get into the very heart of my characters, and therefore into my readers, and write real. Though I dabble in most fiction genres, my favorites are historical and current event fiction.

In the Fall of 2005 I had the idea that if many writers worked together, each creating a fictional person, then a story could be created with characters as strong and unique as the authors themselves. The first project I organized was a smashing success and Peculiar People was born. It has grown to a strong international collaborative fiction organization.

I continue to be an active member of FaithWriters through participation on the message boards and informal editing and mentoring. I am a coordinator for the FaithWriters writing conference, and keep busy organizing and helping with various details of that. In the summer of 2010 I was invited to be a speaker at the conference, and enjoyed leading a workshop on self publishing.

Besides my writing, God has guided me toward another passion. This one, too, is of language and words and creativity. I became fascinated with American Sign Language (ASL) when I was young, and in the last few years felt God leading me toward becoming an interpreter. The program proved to be very intense and challenging, but also very fulfilling, and I graduated in June of 2010. During my training I have found my heart growing to love the Deaf Community and their language more than ever, and look forward to the paths God leads in both signing and writing.

You can contact me through email here.