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Interviews of Amy


I had the opportunity to share part of my testimony at my church, Evergreen Bible Church, in March 2011. You can view the video of it here.

Joanne Sher interviewed me about Peculiar People on her blog, An Open Book, in November 2010: A Peculiar Person.

Janice Hoffman, researcher at Oregon Health & Science University, interviewed me for her co-written book, Fibromyalgia, one of the Biographies of Disease series.

Debbie Roome of Take Root and Write interviewed me in April, 2009 for her column, Daring to Love the Disabled: Coping with Invisible Disabilities.

Lynda Schab of FaithReaders website interviewed me in January, 2008.

Glenn Hascall of KHYM radio did a short interview spot with me about Peculiar People in December, 2007. You can hear an archived copy of the interview here.

Mike Bailey of The Columbian newspaper interviewed me in February, 2007 and published a short article about Peculiar People. It can be read halfway down this page.

Lynda Schab of the FaithWriters Magazine interviewed me in February, 2006.